Artist Names for Boys

Before your son even brings home a single scribble, you can help inspire him to artistic greatness -- simply by naming your budding artist after one of the most renowned masters in history. Consider one of these choices for your future Picasso.

  1. Jackson+ Many have compared Jackson Pollack's work, which featured disordered lines and splotches of paint, to a toddler's creations. But whether you love him or loathe him, odds are that you may be a fan of his name -- Jackson currently ranks number 23 among boy's names in the U.S. Read more about Jackson
  2. James+ James Whistler was an American-born, British-based artist. He was the painter of Arrangement in Grey and Black, more commonly known as Whistler's Mother. Read more about James
  3. Leonardo+ The ultimate Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci created masterpieces, served as an engineer and architect, and invented a number of items that later came to fruition. Leonardo has become very popular for boys (currently number 149 on the list), thanks in part to actor Leonardo DiCaprio and the cool nickname "Leo." Read more about Leonardo
  4. Michelangelo Michelangelo was an Italian artist and architect -- his most famous masterpieces include the statue of David and the amazing frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. This name is a perfect choice if you like Michael but are seeking something a little less common.
  5. Norman+ Norman Rockwell's first name feels as all-American and classic as his warm portraits and illustrations of 20th-century American life that were published in the Saturday Evening Post. Read more about Norman
  6. Pablo+ If you're talking famous artists, Pablo Picasso certainly ranks at the top of the list. While Pablo (which is Spanish for Paul) is the more common choice, some people have been using Picasso as a first name as well. Read more about Pablo
  7. Pierre+ The French variation of Peter helps you pay homage to one of the masters of Impressionism: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, whose work includes Le Moulin de la Galette. Read more about Pierre
  8. Raphael+ This Renaissance painter actually began life as Raffaello Sanzio, then he chose the moniker of one of God's archangels for his artistic career. The name means "God has healed." Read more about Raphael
  9. Roy+ American artist Roy Lichtenstein is known for utilizing a bold, bright, comic-book style in his work. Read more about Roy
  10. Salvador+ Salvador Dali's surrealist paintings with melting watches earned him a place among the 20th-century masters, and his name, which is Spanish for "savior," has hovered in the top 500 U.S. baby names ever since the artist rose to prominence. Read more about Salvador
  11. Thomas+ American painter Thomas Kinkade paints realistic and idyllic scenes, and he's recognized for his use of light and pastel colors. Read more about Thomas
  12. Vincent+ Vincent Van Gogh's brilliance wasn't recognized in his lifetime, but his gorgeous paintings, such as Starry Night, make him one of the all-time masters. Vincent means "conqueror," and it's maintained a spot near the top 100 baby names for the past several decades. Read more about Vincent
  13. Wyeth+ Artist Andrew Wyeth is a realist painter who is most well known for his painting Christina's World, and his surname makes a clever alternative to the ever popular Wyatt Read more about Wyeth
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