All-American Boy Names

These names are as American as apple pie!

  1. Benjamin+ This name is shared with one of America's Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin. He was also a figure of American enlightenment who invented the lightning rod, bifocals, and founded the first public library in America. Read more about Benjamin
  2. Frank+ This name is a popular one, especially among Frank Sinatra fans. Read more about Frank
  3. George+ Beginning with George Washington, George has been the name of three U.S. presidents. Read more about George
  4. Joe+ What's more American than baseball? Hall of Fame inductee Joe DiMaggio shares this popular name. Read more about Joe
  5. Chris+ This name is short for Christian or Christoper and is in the top 500 most popular names in America. Read more about Chris
  6. Jack+ Modern-day celebrities who share this popular name are actor and musician Jack Black, musician Jack White, and golfer Jack Nicklaus. Read more about Jack
  7. Robert+ Robert F. Kennedy is one of the more famous Americans who shares this name. He served as a New York Senator and U.S. Attorney General. Read more about Robert
  8. Kevin+ This name is in the top 50 most popular names chosen by American mamas. Read more about Kevin
  9. Walter+ American broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite is among those who make Walter an iconic American name. As a news anchor for CBS, Cronkite reported on key events in U.S history, such as the Vietnam War, Watergate, and President John F. Kennedy's assassination. Read more about Walter