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July 31, 2012
Toys & Games
Green Toys Inc.
The Danger:
The wheels and hubcaps on the toy cars can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children. Green Toys has received 10 reports of wheels and hubcaps detaching or loosening from the vehicles. There have been no reports of injuries.
This recall involves about 50,000 Green Toys Mini Vehicles. All cars are made of plastic and available in yellow, green, red, white and blue. Model names and numbers for the seven recalled vehicles or sets are listed in the table below. For Mini Vehicle (MVHA - 1014) and Fastback (MVFA-1022) sets the model numbers can be found on the bottom of the toys' packaging. For all other cars, a label with the model number can be found on the bottom of the car itself.
The recalled Mini Vehicles were manufactured from March 2012 through June 2012. The manufacturing date is represented by a circle with an arrow in the middle that can be found imprinted on the underside of the front of the car. To the left and right of the arrow are numbers that represent the year and the arrow itself points to the number that represents the month. Cars with an "I" etched into the underside of the car next to the date stamp are not part of the recall.
Model number: MVHA-1014 Product: Mini Vehicle Set
Model number:MAMW-1015 Product: Mini Ambulance
Model number: MVSA-1016 Product: Mini Vehicle Assortment
Model number: MFBR-1018 Product: Mini Red Fastback
Model number: MPCB-1020 Product: Mini Police Car
Model number: MTXY-1021 Product: Mini Taxi
Model number: MVFA-1022 Product: Mini Fastback Set
Sold At:
Mass merchandisers, grocery stores and independent toy and specialty stores nationwide and by online retailers from April 2012 to June 2012. The cars cost about $5 each or $18 for the set.
What To Do:
Immediately take the product away from children and contact Green Toys Inc. to receive a full refund. Contact the company toll-free at (888) 973-3421 or visit greentoys.com/recall.
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