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LaJobi Bonavita, Babi Italia, and ISSI Drop-Side Cribs Recalled

June 24, 2010
LaJobi Inc.
The Danger:
The cribs' drop sides can malfunction, detach, or otherwise fail, causing part of the drop side to fall out of position. This creates a space into which an infant or toddler can roll and become wedged or entrapped; this can potentially lead to strangulation or suffocation. A child can also fall out of the crib. Drop-side incidents can also occur due to incorrect assembly and with age-related wear and tear.
This recall involves about 306,000 Bonavita, Babi Italia, and ISSI drop-side cribs manufactured by LaJobi. The cribs have drop-side hardware that contains metal or plastic pegs that are recessed into either the drop side or the headboard and footboard of the crib. A label on the headboard of the crib identifies the manufacturer as LaJobi.
Sold At:
Children's product stores and various retailers nationwide from May 1999 through May 2009, for between $300 and $430.
What To Do:
Immediately stop using the recalled cribs, and contact LaJobi for a free repair kit that will immobilize the drop side. In the meantime, find an alternate, safe sleep environment for the child such as a bassinet, play yard, or toddler bed, depending on the child's age. For more information, contact LaJobi toll-free at (888) 738-5676 anytime, or visit www.lajobi.com
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