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Delta Cribs Recalled

June 24, 2010
Delta Enterprise
The Danger:
The cribs' drop sides can malfunction, detach or otherwise fail, causing part of the drop side to fall out of position, creating a space into which an infant or toddler can roll and become wedged or entrapped, which can lead to strangulation or suffocation. A child can also fall out of the crib. Drop-side incidents can also occur due to incorrect assembly and with age-related wear and tear. In addition, the wooden stabilizer bars on some Delta drop-side and fixed-side cribs can be installed upside down, which puts extra stress on the crib and can cause the mattress platform to collapse; by creating a gap into which an infant or toddler can become entrapped, this poses a risk of strangulation or suffocation.
This recall involves about 747,000 drop-side cribs and all fixed and drop-side cribs using wooden stabilizer bars. The recall involves Delta drop-side cribs with three different types of drop-side hardware and Delta cribs with wooden stabilizer bars that support the mattress platform. Visit cribrecallcenter.com for photographs and models of the affected hardware types and instructions on correct assembly of the stabilizer bars.
Sold At:
Children's product retail stores nationwide and online from January 2000 through May 2009, for between $100 and $300.
What To Do:
Immediately stop using the recalled drop-side cribs and contact Delta to receive a free repair kit that will immobilize the drop side. In the meantime, find an alternate, safe sleeping environment for the child, such as a bassinet, play yard, or toddler bed, depending on the child's age. If you have a crib with wooden stabilizer bars supporting the mattress, you should inspect the stabilizer bars to ensure they are correctly installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions; you should also inspect the joints of their crib for any damage. If the stabilizer bars are installed upside down, stop using the crib immediately and contact Delta for information on how to correctly install the stabilizer bars, or visit cribrecallcenter.com
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