How can I get my 15-month-old off of the bottle at bedtime?

My 15 month old daughter is still taking a bottle to bed. That is the only time she has a bottle because she drinks everything from a sippy cup during the day. What can I do to get her off the bottle at night? If I just put her in her bed, she screams forever. I've read about the possibility of cavities and what not so I'd really like to get her going to bed without the bottle ASAP, but I'm just not sure what to do. She only had a pacifier until about 5 months and quit that on her own.

Submitted by katiethomas4

You are right, taking a bottle to bed is not a good idea because of the high possibility of developing cavities, as well as she may request a bottle during the night to help her fall back to sleep.  The best way to get rid of a bottle at bedtime is to decrease the amount in the bottle by an ounce per night.  By slowly weaning her off it, it won’t be such a drastic change when you finally take it away.  Even if she doesn’t drink it all, just the feel of the bottle will change as you fill it less and less.  When you are ready to get rid of it, expect a few nights of tears at bedtime but hang in there and within a few nights you will be over the hump. 

Answered by jodiparents