Why does my son smell like syrup?
My 3-year-old son sometimes has a syrup smell on his body. I have noticed that it has been off and on since birth. I'm only worried about it now because I was Googling the information and wondering if any other children had the same symptoms. Should I take him to his pediatrician and ask about it?
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There is a medical condition where children develop a maple syrup odor to their urine. Children with this rare disorder usually have many other symptoms in early infancy like vomiting, lethargy, low muscle tone, and seizures so it is unlikely that a healthy three year old would have this disorder. Many states screen all newborns for this disorder. Sometimes people with diabetes develop an odor to their breath when their sugar level is out of control. Again, this would be unusual in a child without other symptoms such as increased urine output, increased desire to drink, weight loss, and abnormal breathing.


Most likely there is nothing concerning about the odor but anytime you have concerns about your child, especially if they are persistent over time, it is best to have your child evaluated by their doctor. At the visit be honest about what your concerns are and what you have read on the internet or heard from friends.  The more your physician understands about your worries the better they can help evaluate your child and reassure you as to whether or not any  further testing needs to be done.


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Sometimes I wonder why Doctors always think it's a medical reason. Pedetritions should be required to have their own children before they are so wise to give you textbook advise!
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Nine times out of ten it is caused by urine. Pj's that experienced a over soaked night diaper. Also blankets and bedding that has been in contact with urine will make their bodys and skin smell that way.If its not bathtime, stick there bums in the sink for a little spiffy with soap and water in the AM and/or PM.
Submitted by mccrarytawnie