Are the chills normal during pregnancy?
Is it normal to have the chills when you're pregnant? I've heard of having the sweats, but I seem to be freezing all the time!
Submitted by hamiltonsarah86

When you're pregnant, your hormones are on a perpetual roller coaster.  For most women, the surges in estrogen and progesterone cause sweating and the feeling that they are hot all the time.  Occasionally, however, women respond with the opposite set of symptoms. feeling chilled and cold.  Although this is probably normal, there are a few things to consider.  Occasionally a thyroid problem is diagnosed for the first time during pregnancy, so this is something that should be ruled out with a simple blood test.  Also, chills can accompany certain infections that are more common during pregnancy, such as a kidney infection.  Typically with infections, however, there are other symptoms present such as a fever, nausea, vomiting, etc.


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I'm pregnant and I'm always getting cold. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy because I'll complain I'm freezing and have goose bumps when our house is 80 degrees. I know for a fact that I don't have a thyroid problem because I was tested before I got pregnant for other health reasons. I also know I do not have a kidney infection because I actually have a history of those too and know pretty well what they feel like. Also my doctor checked me for it recently just in case. I think its normal.
Submitted by Bumblebee8712

im 21 weeks pregnant and im always cold, which is the opposite of what i was before i became pregnant, and it doesn't help that its friend looks at me like im crazy when i tell her im cold but i think that's because she had the air on or a window open at this time of year when she was preggo.
Submitted by chellepierce881