How do I get my son to sleep in his crib?
I have a 16-week-old son who refuses to sleep in his crib. I've been putting him his crib everyday since he was 8 weeks. No matter how gentle or quiet I am, he immediately wakes up and starts crying. He will sleep in his swing for 5 or 6 hours or if someone holds him. I feel like I've tried everything, crib soothies, swaddling, white noise machines, and I even let him cry it out. Please help.
Submitted by annamariesnyde

Little ones may not like the vast open space of their crib at first, especially if they are in the habit of being held to sleep.  As a first step, it may be best to have your son learn to fall asleep on his own, without being held.  Given that he is comfortable in his swing, start by putting him in his swing wide awake at bedtime.  After a few days to a week, take the next step of putting him in his swing but without turning on the motion.  Once he has the hang of falling asleep on his own, you can move to putting him down for bed in his crib.  He may fuss at first, but he will get the hang of it after a few nights.  Taking some small steps will make it easier for your little one to transition to his crib.


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Here are some great tips
Submitted by lovemygirls07

Try putting him down in the crib at nap times first. Try that for a week, then try it at night.
Submitted by beautifulxdisaster

My son has slept with us since birth on and off he would start out in his bassnett then he would wake and not want to go back in. I had to swaddle him but after three months he started sucking his thumb and didnt want to be swaddled any more. and now he wont even sleep in anything but our bed as soon as i lay him in his crib his eyes open and he gets mad. sorry i couldnt help.
Submitted by lilmikesmom

We made a mistake of bringing our 13 month old (at the time) in our room to fall asleep. She fell asleep on her own, yes, but not in her crib. She slept great in her crib from day one. After 3 months of co-sleeping, I had had enough. 3 nights it took us. She was teething at the time. By 16 months, I was done. I checked on her first night every 10 mins. It became a game to her. After that. I checked every 20-30 mins. I bought a small tank and some fish. We say Gnite to the fish and off to bed.
Submitted by kimmeano

Just to add, my son just turned 1 and has not co-slept since birth, was much better at sleeping in crib before when he was really little but never really slept more than 20 minutes at the time then. As soon as he was more aware, he hated the crib and we co-slept. So, for a 16-month old I guess I would suggest the same thing I'm doing, kind of tricking him in sleeping in his crib....and move queen mattress away from crib as he gets more comfortable.
Submitted by setlinejoint

My son is the same way, sorry I'm not going to be much help. I've tried EVERYTHING and even letting him cry it out rendered no results - He cried and cried for over an hour and then sniffled and was quite disturbed for couple of hours afterwards. I didn't want to experience that again so we co-slept on a queen mattress placed on the floor ever since. (goodbye bed) The problem with him is not that he can't fall asleep on his own at all, he doesn't need a bouncer, swing or holding but he absolutely hates the crib! He is extremely active and acts as if the crib was little prison or something. Even if he is asleep and placed in crib ever so gently he opens his eyes immediatelly! He also hates the car seat and any other thing where he is strapped or held down and not allowed to be independently mobile lol. I'm converting the crib into toddler bed in a few weeks and sliding the queen mattress to it so that the crib mattress and queen mattress are touching and hopefully that will make him get more familiar with his crib and maybe I can get some sleep if he gets to sleep on his side, on his own mattress. All the best to you!
Submitted by setlinejoint

What would you suggest for a 16 month old who has co-slept since birth?
Submitted by AaralynsMom1

My son had the same exact problem.. Because I let him sleep with me :/ I started by holding him to get him to sleep then putting him in his bouncer.. once he got used to that i would put him in his bouncer to go to sleep himself. then i began swaddling him him and putting him in his crib once he fell asleep. he now has no problem sleepin in his bed and even gets put down in the bed awake some night.
Submitted by sasha931