I'm a New Runner. How Can I Make Running Easier?
I recently joined the cross country. It is a lot harder then I thought it would be. Any tips on how to make the running easier? Or how to get my mind off of the discomfort I am in during the run?
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Running will certainly feel challenging at first and you will be slightly out of breath when you start. That should eventually subside. It's helpful to use the "talk test." If you can hold a conversation while you're running, you're at a good pace. Once or twice a week, however, go for a shorter run at a faster speed so that talking is more difficult. This will help increase your fitness level and cardiovascular strength.

Your legs will be sore in the beginning, but if you keep up the routine, soreness will subside relatively quickly. If you feel acute pain anywhere, stop running for a few days and let your legs recover, to prevent injuries. Be aware of the difference between being tired and being injured, and make sure you're not encouraging overuse injuries.

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I did cross country during the fall as well and for me it was easier to start out the season at a good pace that you could talk at. After the first few weeks, I gradually picked up the pace. At the beginning of the season, my mile time was 8 minutes 24 seconds and at the end of the season, my mile time was 4 minutes 52 seconds. I had never run before.
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