How can I help my baby sleep while he's teething?
How can I help my baby sleep while he's teething?
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It's normal for babies to have trouble sleeping through the night because of teething discomfort. Disregard the old wives' tales about rubbing whisky or another alcoholic beverage on his gums to placate him -- it could be dangerous. Instead, ask your pediatrician or dentist whether you can give your child an appropriate dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen. During the day, teething rings and other specially designed chewing toys can be extremely comforting. Often, these objects can also be chilled in the refrigerator, which is a bonus, because the coolness can help take the edge off the pain. --Deborah Pike Olsen

Originally published in Parents magazine, May 2003. Updated 2009

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baby motrin just to be sure, and some sleep training becasue it sounds like there's more going on than just teething. Teething may cause trouble falling asleep but rarely wakes a sleep trained baby. See if this article helps
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Two words... Baltic Amber. Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces are not to be chewed on or put into the mouth. They are to be worn, where the warmth of the body against the amber (succinite) enables the succinic acid to be absorbed into the skin and then into the blood stream. Amber is not an actual stone but is the fossilized resin (not sap) of a tree. This resin is a natural antibiotic and acts as an analgesic. An all natural product that aids with all those teething symptoms including sleep.
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Our pediatrician gave the OK for Orajel, a teething pain ointment. It's a mild numbing agent and it really seems to help. For more help see this article: Babies, Teething, and Sleep.
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