Can I supplement breast milk with formula?
Constant breastfeeding is wearing me out. Can I supplement with formula?
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The fact is, some breastfeeding is better than none. So, if it'll keep you nursing longer, consider replacing one feeding -- or more -- a day with formula. You'll want to sandwich your bottle-feedings between those at the breast to keep up your milk supply. As long as you consistently nurse two, three, or four times per day, you should be able to continue breastfeeding as long as you want. --Sarah Van Buskirk

Originally published in Parents magazine, February 2005. Updated 2009

Answered by Parents Team
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It's only for a few months, Mommies!! Breastfeed on demand, no supplements, is best for at least six months... half a year of your life -- and look at the benefits in terms of "Baby's best bet" not "My easiest bet". Yes, it's hard. Yes, that baby is going to feel like it's attached 24/7 for several months. Yes, you'll be tired. But in the end, when he/she weans (when they're ready), you'll see a healthy, confident baby that has had THE best start in life, thanks to your sacrifice and love. :)
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Every other day or so, I supplement one feeding with a bottle of formula. If I'm really exhausted from constant nursing, I give him Enfamil Newborn. It has Vitamin D (unlike me), so I like to think that I'm doing something good for both of us!
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Also, I was getting worn out around 3 weeks, so i supplemented a few times a day and then switched completely to formula. but i wanted to breastfeed again after a week of no nursing and no pumping at all. i thought it was impossible but baby took breast right away and my supply was back to where it was in another week. as long as your still nursing a few times a day and drinking enough water you shouldnt loose supply. if your worried you can try eating oatmeal to boost supply, weird but worked.
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Yes you should be able to without losing your supply. When my fiance and I go out we leave a bottle and a can of formula with whoever watches her. Try to nurse before you separate so you don't leak too much while your away, and if your on your way home call the person watching your baby to let them know they may be able to distract the baby from another bottle until you get home. Just a few suggestions anyway. try to use a bottle like tommee tippee or MAM, most like mom's breast.
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oh and its the ready to drink ones not the add water...sorry.
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I do this and I recommend using Enfamil Premium because as it advertises it's very close to breast milk. For me it's not just hype, unlike other formulas it doesn't change her stool. I was fortunate enough that she can digest Enfamil, you may have to try other brands.
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