Will my baby's eye color change?
Will my baby's eye color change?
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Hoping your baby's gorgeous blue peepers won't darken? You should know that many babies are born with blue eyes, which may change color (usually becoming darker) over the course of the first year of life. Usually your baby's eye color at 6 to 9 months should be close to the permanent hue. What color your baby's eyes will ultimately be depends on the kinds of dominant and recessive genes she received from you and your husband at the time of conception. Though there are always pleasant surprises, these odds can help you make an educated guess:

• If both parents have brown eyes, there's more than a 75 percent chance your baby will end up with brown eyes too.
• If one parent has brown eyes and the other has blue or green, there's more than a 50 percent chance your baby will get brown eyes.
• If both parents have blue or green eyes, your baby is nearly 100 percent likely to have light-colored eyes as well, though green is pretty rare (less than five percent of world's population has them).

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My son was born with royal blue eyes. His father has hazel eyes and I have blue with green flecks around the middle. but mostly blue. His eyes started changing around 9 months old. They went from royal blue to a more greenish color. He's just turned two and they are a pretty jade blue, green color. I didn't think they would change, but they have. I've read that they can change at anytime in a childs like, but more likely to change up to 36 months of age.
Submitted by jamielambertpho

I have a dark brown eye color and my husband has a medium brown. We have 4 children. The first three all have brown eyes and our last, who is almost 8months, has a slate blue with amber around the pupil. Amazing. Trying not to hold my breath and hope they stay but our other kiddos eyes had already changed to brown by now. We'll see!! I will be sold if we make it a couple more months.
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My eyes are light blue and my husbands are hazel. Our lil boy has dark blue eyes like his grandpa(my dad) and in the right u can see like a violet in them too. Coupled with his super long super dark lashes theyre GORGEOUS!
Submitted by rylansmomma114

My husband has light brown eyes. my eyes used to be brown but have turned green. my son who is 3 months has green eyes which sometimes look blue.. green eyes runs in my husbands family and his were green as a baby! can't wait to see what his eyes look like!
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I have blue eyes and Daddy has hazel eyes...Baby's eyes are definitely becoming lighter blue (he is 16 weeks.) Baby also picked up my fair complexion and blonde hair. But he has Daddy's super long eyelashes which are brown.
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me and my husband have brown but i want hers to stay blue...
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I'm not the only one!!! my baby has the same eye color as your daughter. My daughter is 15 weeks, I have dark brown eyes and my husband has blue eyes. Her eye color is like hazel sometimes and some other days is gray! I can't wait.
Submitted by eclipsedeluna78

I have dark brown eyes, my husband has baby blue eyes. Our first son has brown and our 2nd son has blue eyes. With both boys right from birth we new exactly what thier eyes were going to be. We now have a 4 month old daughter and we can not figure out what color they're going to be. They are kinda light brown but sometimes they look like they are grey...it's kinda weird so im excited to see what color they will be!!
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