When will my baby start to crawl?
My 8-month-old baby and sits up and scoots, but isn't crawling yet. Should I be worried?
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For crawling, there's a wide time frame for what is considered normal. Many babies typically start to crawl at anywhere from 6 to 10 months, although some never crawl at all. Instead, they go straight to pulling themselves up and cruising around furniture before learning to walk. The fact that your baby can sit up and move himself around by scooting indicates that his motor development is progressing well; he'll probably crawl in the next month or two. However, if your son still isn't showing more signs of crawling or pulling to stand by 10 months, talk to his doctor.
In the meantime, encourage your baby to crawl (as long as you keep it fun and not too much pressure) by placing his favorite toys just out of reach and taking turns getting them. When it's your turn, retrieve the object by crawling on all fours. Or put on some music and show him how to rock back and forth on all fours to the beat, as this kind of rocking is a precursor to crawling.

Originally published in American Baby magazine, November 2005. Updated 2009.

Answered by American Baby Team
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My daughter never crawled until she was 14 months old. She however was walking at 7 months. She never bothered with learning to crawl, she just got up and started walking. Now my new baby girl is 5 months old and doesn't want to sit she watches her sister run around and thinks she can just go with her. It is really funny how kids choose what they want to learn and do when they want to.
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I got my son a walker at four month since he could hold his head up on his own. He had the feeling of it and I put toys infront of him. Although his legs couldn't reach the floor, I added a small pillow under his feet.
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When should i get a walker for my daughter to help her start walking?
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My baby is 5 months, he is try to scoots. What I would do is put his toy in from of him. He start reaching his arm out rolling and scoots. So that a good thing to try.
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You do not need to worry. My baby is going to be one of those babies that does not crawl. Her favorite thig in the world is to arch her back and push herself. she also loves rolling from place to place. Not all babies crawl. If you are truely concerned then talk to your pediatrician.
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All Babies are different they will crawl on they on time frame but if they dont start trying to crawl between 10 months a little then u need to talk to a health care provider
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