Can you be pregnant and still get your period?
Can you be pregnant and still get your period?
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The answer to that question is no- a true period is the result of shedding of the endometrium, or lining of the uterus, which occurs as a result of ovulation ( midcycle release of the egg) and the cyclic changes in estrogen and progesterone.  Women do not ovulate when they are pregnant, and although bleeding in pregnancy is common, it is never normal.  If a woman is pregnant and bleeding, with  or without pain, she should call her doctor for further instruction.  Bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy may signify either a miscarriage (or a threatened miscarriage), an ectopic pregnancy, or may be due to implantation bleeding.  If one is experiencing a miscarriage (or a threatened miscarriage) one will usually always have bleeding associated with uterine cramping.  There may also be passage of large clots from the vagina.  If this is happening one should definitely seek care at the doctors office or the local ER if after hours.


Another cause of bleeding is an ectopic pregnancy (or tubal pregnancy). The amount of bleeding with an ectopic may vary in amount and is usually associated with unilateral pain (pain primarily located on the left or right side) plus or minus dizziness or lighheadedness.  Ectopic pregnancy can be life threatening if it ruptures so the more rapid the diagnosis the better for the patient.  If a patient is having any of the above symptoms such as bleeding and pain, especially localized pain, she should call her doctor or get to the ER immediately. Implantation bleeding is usually fairly light but develops as the embryo is implanting into the uterine lining. 


Often times, the cause of the bleeding may not be known, which is very alarming for the patients and very anxiety provoking.  Usually patients will be told to go home and be on bedrest and pelvic rest until the bleeding stops and will be followed closely with obstetric ultrasounds and possibly blood tests to check the HCG levels if that is clinically indicated. 


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No, although some women may mistake bleeding or spotting in the very early stages of pregnancy for their periods. In fact, as many as 25 percent of expectant moms experience what's called implantation bleeding -- which happens when a newly formed embryo implants in the uterus -- but this usually lasts just a day or two, and is much lighter than a typical period.

If you're pregnant and notice bleeding, it could be caused by a number of factors -- and there's usually no reason to panic. But if the bleeding is accompanied by intense stomach pain or cramping, you should call your doctor right away. These symptoms could be signs of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy (where the embryo implants in the fallopian tube instead of in the uterus), and your doctor will likely want you to come in for further testing to know for sure.

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"early in pregnancy and I'm having bleeding like as if I was spotting or coming on my period should I go into the emergency room Submitted by nichellesteele89" Im wondering if you ever got your answer on this site? Seems like this site aint updated at all and "what is ectopic pregnancy? Submitted by sasematee_ferd1" did you not read this article???
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My step-sister is pregnant with her second child and has her period each month. As she did with her first child. So yes, it's obviously possible. Good luck!
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I found this blog really useful in explaining various ways you can have what seems like a period pregnant. It's very detailed.
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early in pregnancy and I'm having bleeding like as if I was spotting or coming on my period should I go into the emergency room
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When i found out i was pregnant... my period was a week late, then i started bleeding like a normal period (fairly heavy). and come to find out, bleeding is VERY normal in a pregnancy, but still needs to be checked out by your doctor.
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What is implantation bleeding?
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what is ectopic pregnancy?
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what is implantation bleeding? what is ectopic pregnancy?
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my breast leak does this mean im pregnant?
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