How can I prepare my child for potty training?
Is there anything I can do to prepare my child for potty training?
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Before the "official" toilet training begins, it's a smart move to warm your kid up to the idea. Explain the bathroom routine in positive, child-friendly terms. During a diaper change, you can say, "When we eat or drink, our body takes what it needs and then the rest gets turned into pee or poop. It's like our body's garbage." Start letting your child watch you use the potty. Although it might seem strange, Dad may want to sit down while peeing at the beginning in order to simplify the process for your toddler. You can also pretend that a doll or stuffed animal is using the potty. Seeing a "friend" go through the motions in a relaxed, playful setting can relieve any stress your kid may feel about graduating to the potty. And have your kid practice sitting on it. Suggest visits to the potty first thing in the morning, before her bath, and before bedtime. Don't expect success yet, but getting her on a schedule early may save you from constantly asking her to go when the real training kicks in. --Nancy Rones

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By reading this article i was able to Potty Train my child in 3 DAYS! Here is the guide ---> You can thank me later :-)
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This may sound funny, but I started putting my son on the toilet when he was 8 months old. (Saved us a couple diapers/day!!) By the time he was actually old enough to begin holding his urine and to start the "real" potty training, he was totally familiar with the whole process by experience and not just observation. He is 22 months old and we are down to 1-2 accidents/day. Still using diapers to sleep.
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With my children we adopted an "open door" policy for the bathroom if there was no company let the little ones watch what you do, they get interested and want to try themselves eventually.
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