How can I teach my toddler to listen?
How do I get my toddler to listen without yelling at him?
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Our 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds actually teach us to yell and threaten if we aren't careful. Common interactions go like this: First the child starts to do something objectionable and/or unsafe. Second, we say no. Third, the child continues anyway. Fourth, we say no in a louder tone. Fifth, the child stops and looks at us. Sixth, we say no in an even louder tone. And so on. However, like many things we learn, it's not good for us and certainly not good for our children, so make a resolution now. Say no or "stop" only once, and in a calm, firm voice. If the child does not respond, go and pick the child up and remove him from the situation. Don't yell, don't punish, don't do anything except remove the child from the danger or objectionable activity. You may need to do this several times at first. (That is, when you put your child down, he or she will go right back at it.) Just keep doing the same thing. Very likely, your child will have a temper tantrum before stopping. Let him scream and yell, and when he's done, the whole thing will be over. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be more relaxed with your child. And what's even better, he'll really listen to you.

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That sounds good for when they arent listening, but what about when they wont go to bed? My 3 year old son stays in bed, but just lays there crying or playing or moving all over the place and wont go to sleep. It also wouldnt work if say, Im telling him to do something and he just wont do it, like picking up his toys. He just ignores me and goes about his business.
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I cannot get my 5 month old back in her crib. she will sleep on her back two feet away from me in my bed but cant do the same in her crib???. she wont let me lay her down . I had her crib trained the one day she just stopped. my three year old also has the same problem. If I put her in her room she just screams which isn't so good because we live in an apartment . Any suggestions??
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my daughter is almost 4 years old and till now she refuses to go to her nursery and deosn't interact with other kids, is that normal?? P.S: she's been in the nursery for a month
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we recently started to do this & it's working great!
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