What's the fastest way to potty train my child?
What's the fastest way to potty train my child? I just learned that my child's preschool won't take kids in diapers, and I haven't begun to teach her!
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Start now, but don't expect miracles. Talk to the preschool staff about whether you can send your child in disposable underpants. Many schools are amenable to the idea as long as they know you're working on toilet-teaching. And your daughter may be more eager to use the potty once she sees her classmates using it. --Donna Christiano

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I have a friend who was in the same boat. She did the 3 day method with both of her boys and it worked with them. For me, I skipped the pull ups all together and went from diapers to underwear. Was a lot of work for a few weeks, but now he's down to one or two accidents a day @ 22 months. We started in underwear @ 16 months.
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I tried the 3-day method over a weekend. It takes a lot of patience and cleaning supplies. We bought plenty of underwear and 2 additional potty seats. So anytime he needed to go we weren't far from a potty. By day 3, we still had lots of accidents, but he was starting to understand the difference between underwear and diapers. We also made sure daycare was stocked with plenty of extra clothing.
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