When can my toddler start feeding himself?
When can my toddler start feeding himself?
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Most children start feeding themselves between 12 to 15 months, when fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination allow them to handle a cup, spoon, and fork (although meals will still be pretty messy until after age 2). Go ahead and give your child a spoon to grasp during meals between 6 and 8 months (most infants this age can start holding things) and continue to feed him with another spoon that you hold. Once your child expresses an interest in copying you and feeding himself, let him have at it -- but we recommend buying one of those washable plastic mats to place under his high chair. Give your toddler thicker foods, like yogurt or chunky rice soup, which are easier to manage. Offering a cup of milk or water during bathtime is also a mess-free way to help your child learn to drink from a cup. --Elizabeth Rusch

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Mine started when he was a little over 14 months old. In fact he would insist. However much I would have loved to continue feeding him, mainly because of the mess that created, I started letting him. It goes without saying that much of the food was everywhere except in his stomach but we let him because he was learning. Of course there were times when I would feed him, but he invariably wanted to eat on his own at our mealtimes together.
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