When can my toddler dress himself?
When can my toddler dress himself?
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Most parents are so accustomed to dressing their toddler that they're sometimes the last to know when their kid figures out how to do it himself. This usually happens between 18 and 24 months, once your child can stand on one leg without falling over and can control his arms, hands, and legs. Just be ready to stand by and help pull his shirt over his head once he gets his arms out of it or show him how to pull down the front and back of his pants and untangle his feet. Show him how clothing labels indicate the difference between front and back. While your child's learning, it's best to keep his wardrobe user-friendly, sticking to clothes that pull on easily and don't have tons of buttons, zippers, snaps, or laces. Get Velcro sneakers, especially for school (teachers really appreciate this). --Elizabeth Rusch

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I have a 6 yr old who started dressing when himself when he was about 18-24 months. I helped him until he was 3 and he could do it by himself very well. My 12 month daughter shows signs that she will learn sooner, she tries putting on her clothes and my shoes. I let her pull up her skirts and she knows to put her arms up through the sleeves since she was 9 months. Kids learn at their own pace, so its all about letting them try.
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