When will I see my baby's heartbeat on an ultrasound?
When will I see my baby's heartbeat on an ultrasound?
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Your baby's heartbeat is one of the first things your doctor will look for on an ultrasound, a test that uses sound waves to give off visual images of your baby and placenta as well as your uterus and other pelvic organs.

Your baby's heart starts beating about 22 days after she's conceived, but the earliest you'd be able to spot it onscreen is five weeks after your last period (although many moms-to-be don't see the doctor until they're a bit farther along in their pregnancies). Your baby is so teeny that she may be hard to ID during your first ultrasound, but the heartbeat will look like a very fast flicker. If you don't see one at your first visit, don't panic. It could still be too early, especially if your doctor miscalculated how far along you are (which can happen if you have longer-than-normal menstrual cycles).

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We were at three weeks when we could see some kind of pulse.
Submitted by stry_cat

That so sucks because im 13wks and dnt get to hear it until I hit mii 14wk. Next thurs :(
Submitted by yummiyummyaho

i was 8weeks and herd the babies heartbeat with the hand held doppler at the same visit.
Submitted by a1abug1

I was able to see it at 6 wks!
Submitted by kristineunruh

At 6w 5d I could see the heartbeat and identify head and tail.
Submitted by gessink

I had an ultrasound at 9 weeks and could see the heart beat.
Submitted by as412303