How can I keep food down with morning sickness?
I'm pregnant with twins and have morning sickness all day and all night. I'm worried that my babies are not getting enough to eat. What can I do?
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A bad case of morning sickness (or in your case, all-day sickness) is not uncommon with twins, because you have higher levels of hormones circulating, which researchers suspect may be responsible for triggering your nausea.

Even if you feel terrible, the good news is that your babies are probably fine. If you were at a healthy weight and had a good diet before becoming pregnant, you likely have enough nutritional reserves to meet your babies' needs early in your pregnancy.

But you should still let your doctor know how you're feeling so he or she can monitor you more closely. The biggest risk is that you can become dehydrated, so focus on trying to get enough fluids. To tell if you're dehydrated, check your urine -- it should be a light yellow color. If you're peeing less than usual or your urine turns dark yellow, you may not be hydrated properly, and your doctor may want to put you on medications to help you feel better. In rare cases, morning sickness can be so severe that you may need to go to the hospital to recover, but this usually only happens if you've lost a significant amount of weight (meaning five percent or more of your body weight) or you become severely malnourished or dehydrated.  This condition is known as hyperemesis gravidarum and there are resources available to help you if you think you have it. Don't let anyone tell you "it's all in your head." 

Most women -- even those pregnant with twins -- start to feel better from morning sickness by the second trimester, so sit tight. You'll probably get your appetite back soon.

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I was once told by my Gyn/ob that your baby will get take the nutrition it needs from your body and most likely be in good health. You however may lack but the baby will continue to get its needed nutrition from your body. As long as your taking your Pre-natal,and fish oil vitamins I think you will not have to worry about the baby getting it's adequate nutrition. Hope this eases your mind and I hope you will soon be feeling better :)
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I am having twin boys and just got into my second trimester and i tried zofran and it just made me worse. The doctor gave some B6 vitamins and now all my sickness has gone away. I highly recommend it.
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I am taking Zofran and though it does not completely take away the nausea, it certainly reduces it. I tried 5 other drugs, and nothing else worked. It is constipating for me, though, so I now take it when I need it. The best thing i have done is eat bready substances combined w/ fruit and lots of water every single hour of the day. The bread really helps soak up the hormones that make my stomach sour. I know you don't wanna eat anything, but you have to to feel any relief. heart goes out to u!
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Call your doctor and get on some zofran. It is a MIRACLE drug! I'm having twin boys and I had all- day sickness as well. No amount of peppermints or ginger ale will get rid of it. Its pretty miserable, I know. Call and it will give you great relief! I was worried about the safety of the drug, but my babies are healthy so far and know several other women who have taken it and had healthy babies. Good luck and hang in there!
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