When will my morning sickness go away?
I'm having awful morning sickness. When will I start to feel better?
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You're not alone -- up to 80 percent of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting early in pregnancy. But how severe symptoms are or how long they last varies from woman to woman. Some women may feel a queasiness that comes and goes, while others may feel sick enough to run to the bathroom a few times throughout the day. But take comfort in the fact that most women start to feel much better by week 16. Only a small number -- around 10 percent of moms-to-be -- may have upset stomachs all pregnancy long. If your morning sickness isn't letting up, let your doctor know. There are certain medications that can help you feel better, if natural remedies like ginger candy or a vitamin B6 supplement haven't helped.

In the meantime, be prepared and plan accordingly. Schedule meetings or presentations at work during times when you tend to feel your best, and avoid taking any vacations or big day trips for now. Stocking your purse with mints or gum, baby wipes, and an extra plastic bag can help you bounce back from sudden symptoms, wherever they may strike.

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With my second child I slept with a pack of gum under my pillow and had one in the living room and in the car. I got nauses from just the bad taste that food and drinks left in my mouth. It made my mouth feel fresh and the mint helped with the nausea. Were expecting baby #3 and my husband (who wasnt here really for either of my pregnancy's due to being in the military) thinks Im weird but it works!
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At around 8 wks I started getting nausous and vomiting. It finally stopped literally at 14 wks. Every now & then I'll feel a bit nausous but it's nothing like the 1st trimester when I swore off ever having anymore kids lol Good luck. If you can, go to a maternity clothing store & buy those Preggie Pops. They worked for me, but so did sucking on breath mints :)
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I was throwing up everday once or twice and feeling nausious 3/4 of the day. That lasted until about 14 weeks. The throwing up started to subside around then but at 17 weeks I still get a little nausious at night and gag occasionally though throwing up now is pretty rare. After my appointment with my Dr. yesterday, I found out this is good news. She said that most woment that are sick for the whole 9 months usually don't see much of an improvement at all so the fact that I am, gives me hope!
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Everything I eat puts a bad taste in my mouth and I can't drink anything but water. When will this go away so I can enjoy eating again? I am 16 weeks right now.
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