Should I let my son pick pink?

Should I let my son get a pink cap and gown for preschool graduation pictures, which is what he liked on the website, or try to sway him to another color? I may end up just getting a black one because I have to find one cheap, but this issue has come up a few times. Pink is usually his choice, while I suggest red or blue so he won't get weird looks. I want him to be happy, but also don't want to look back and think I shouldn't have put him in pink.

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You and your son might have a friendly little discussion to understand each other's viewpoints. You can observe that some people think that "pink is for girls" and might give him weird looks if he wears pink. Your son may say, "Fine--I don't care what they think!"  or he may say, "You're kidding--they do? I better not wear pink!"
If your son doesn't care what anyone thinks, then I suggest you support his choices. He won't look back and think that his mother shouldn't have put him in pink. His mother didn't put him in pink. He himself did.
It is very common that small children for a time prefer the colors or habits that are conventionally associated with children of the other sex. I recommend that parents take these choices casually. Rarely, some children maintain these preferences as a lifelong identity. Science does not understand these matters well at all, but it is probably best if parents are supportive no matter what the child wishes to wear.

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Answered by Parents Team
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I discuss this same thing over at my blog. I believe that it is up to your child to play and do what he or she wants. No one should be influencing them by what society has deemed "normal". Let him wear what he wants, after all its about him anyways.
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