How do I get rid of skin tags?
I've developed skin tags now that I'm pregnant. What's causing this and how can I get rid of them?
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Skin tags are small, floppy growths of skin that can appear anywhere on the body, but tend to be found on your neck, breasts, or armpits. They're most likely due to fluctuating hormone levels during pregnancy. Skin tags are totally harmless, but they can become irritated by friction, which happens most often in the armpit or groin. Unlike discoloration or some other pregnancy skin issues, skin tags don't disappear after your baby arrives, but they can be easily removed by a dermatologist.

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Once they're not getting a blood supply they will fall off. sometimes, they can just be ignored but at other times, they really should be removed so you don't risk them getting bruised and bleeding. Try an at-home remover:
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I used Compound W on my skin tag. It was off the side of my nipple and really bothered me especially when I breastfed my son. I was really bothered by it and it greatly improved my self confidence by removing it. I dabbed the liquid gel Compound W (wart remover) on the skin tag itself- not on my surrounding skin. It will eventually fall off but I was too impatient and determined that on the 2nd day, 3rd application, I noticed that the tag was dead enough I could cut it off and it didn't hurt.
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is it true if you clip a sling tag off with a gunfire nail clipper and then put rubbing alchol on it will it go away
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I have them and had them removed by my family doctor, no need to go to the dermatologist. They just insert a needle and then shave them off. This way you don't risk all of the bleeding that can occur if you try it yourself and possible scarring.
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I also have them from my last pregnancy never knew what they were till now!!! Anyways I suffocate them and they fall off. I put a circular band aid over them for a few days they turn black and fall right off. Pain free and cost free solution...
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I had a huge one on my groin area. I was afraid to do anything right away so i froze it with compound w freeze away. I waited a couple of days and clipped it off with nail clippers that I soaked in alcohol. Little pain and a lot of bleeding, but worth it.
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I got them on my vaginal area..I am glad though I am not alone..this is my 3rd child and never had any thing like that..werid horomones!!
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I've also gotten a couple on the side of my breast and I just pinched it with my finger nails it hurts alittle but they look so gross so it was worth the little bit of pain...
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i use sharp tweezers works fine for the little ones...if you have a big one tho i would try the dental floss or go see a dermatologist
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i have them all over! id say at least 100 on my chest.they feel so weird,i wnt even let my bf touch me.i been scratching them off and they bleed
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i had em too, but it's easy to remove or get rid of em..u can even use a strand of hair and tie it wit it and it will stop da blood flow i guess and in a day or 2 it will cut it off..try it it's worth than paying 50 bucks..
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I have this too! Gross!
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Oh man, this was one pregnancy side-effect I was not expecting! I use sharp tweezers (the same ones I use for my eye-brows) to pinch them off. They are so small that it barely hurts. It bleeds a bit, but its worth getting rid of them.
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I had skin tags before i was pregnant, and now have a few more since. My dermatologist said they are easy to take off but most insurance companies wont pay for it,'s usually about $50 bucks for each one to be cut off. She said i can take them off myself (tie with dental floss and it will cut it off) but i can't handle the thought of it! I would see your dermatologist first, and see what he or she says! Most of mine haven't gotten irritated, except one in my under arm.
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