I'm overweight and worried that people can't tell that I'm pregnant. What should I do?
I'm overweight and worried that people can't tell that I'm pregnant. What should I do?
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Early in pregnancy, most women gain weight and feel bloated enough to lose their waistlines, but not so much that there's a baby bump that's obvious to others. This may be especially true for plus-size moms-to-be, who usually take longer to start showing that typical, rounded baby belly than smaller-framed women.

The best thing you can do is spread the news when you're ready -- letting your family, friends, and coworkers know you're expecting eliminates any doubt or guesswork on their part. (After all, most people are cautious to congratulate a woman on her pregnancy unless they're pretty darn sure there's a baby in there.) Try slipping your pregnancy news into everyday chitchat, or ask people for advice like, "How did you find your nanny? We need to start thinking about childcare for after the baby's born." Standing with your hand on your belly (or rubbing or patting it) is also a pretty obvious hint that you’re expecting.  

Another obvious solution is to buy a couple of cute T-shirts that announce your pregnancy. You can also start wearing maternity clothes or empire-waist blouses. The cut almost guarantees that even the slightest belly bulge will be noticed as a baby in the works.

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I'm 24 weeks and I have lost a total of 18 pounds. The doctor had me get rid of fast food and pop. I'm am still sick with morning sickness though. So I guess that is how im losing wieght. ITS A GIRL!!!!!
Submitted by pinklover247021

You don't have to be "overweight" to not show. What matters is that you know, and those important around you know. I have, well had, a pretty small waist compared to my hips. Apparently, I have stronger abdominals than I thought, and at 24 weeks, I am finally starting to look more baby than chubby. But to those that don't know me, they are still going to think I am just chubby. You lose some of those pregnancy perks when you don't look preggers, even though you feel it full force. :(
Submitted by trhofmann84

I am a little overweight and I am 24 weeks pregnant. I lost punds over the past few weeks. I am not showing much either. I think as long as you know and the people that are around you that is all that matters. Enjoy your pregnancy while you can. Oh, and the maternity dresses and shirts work. When I wear things like that then you can tell I have a baby bump.
Submitted by ashleyfrench211

I understand where you are coming from. It's hard to be 5-6 months pregnant and not have that cute baby bump that everyone else has. I have done a combination of these suggestions: wearing maternity clothes, making sure everyone knows, and putting my hand on my belly sometimes. It seems silly to care what other think - but I totally feel you! I just hope I get that bump in the next couple of months!
Submitted by sloko

I am considered super morbidly obese (pre-pregnancy 435 lbs) and I am 24 weeks along with twins...I have had a healthy eating lifestyle for years but don't have the energy to exercise at a gym 6 days a week being a mom of 3 already. With this pregnancy I have actually lost weight...as my babies gain weight I lose it and my OB/Perinatologist says it is just fine. Everyone who matters to me knows I am pregnant and that is all that matters and it keeps me happy.
Submitted by sweetlucibelle

I am 23 weeks and have actually LOST 4 pounds since becoming pregnant! I am quite obese so losing weight is ok. I traded fast food, beer, soda, French fries, potato sticks and fried foods for broccoli, water, milk, fruit juice, carrot and celery sticks, yogurt, granola and steamed foods! I focus on nutrients and food as fuel. It is good for me and the baby! I plan to keep up the healthy eating habits after my baby girl arrives so that I can keep up with her and be a healthier momma!
Submitted by AmberMarieS

You should concentrate on making sure you are eating healthy. I am an overweight mom, and have only gained six pounds at 24 weeks. I am told by my doctor not to gain more than 20. I am just eating right for me and the baby, and I won't beat myself up if I go over a bit. As far as others noticing, they will soon.Dont worry.
Submitted by Wendy.Hedges1

Girl i am overweight and i am pregnant but shouldnt be worried about that at all you should be enjoying you pregnancy if they notice thats there problem you should be enjoying pregnancy and eat healthy thats very important for us overwieght women okay so stop thinking about that k
Submitted by agnes_quinn