Will my belly button pop out during pregnancy?
Will my belly button pop out during pregnancy?
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Most moms-to-be go from innies to outies in the second or third trimester. It happens because your expanding uterus puts pressure on the rest of your abdomen, pushing your belly button outward. After you deliver, the pressure will be gone, and your belly button will go back to normal. If your belly button starts to become irritated from rubbing against your clothing, try wearing maternity pants with a soft, breathable panel (we know you hate them, but they're made this way for a reason). You can also try pairing loose, flowy shirts with low-rise pants that leave your navel exposed. Although uncommon, sometimes a woman's belly button can protrude so much that it's considered an umbilical hernia. Your doctor should notice this during one of your routine prenatal visits and should be able to gently nudge it back. In very rare instances, an umbilical hernia may require minor surgery to repair.

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Hmmm, I'm 24 weeks with my first and my belly button is just stretching wider, it's staying deep, and it's a tad numb. On the upside, I can stick an earbud in there and play music when I'm relaxing! I'd be fine if it NEVER pops out!
Submitted by durango1983ya

27 weeks & my belly button seems to be poping out one instant then the nxt its back to normal
Submitted by miriamarellano4

Pregnant with 3rd and mine has popped out in the third trimester every time - try www.bumpbows.com for a fun and cute way to cover your popped belly button!
Submitted by carriepeery

I'm 27 weeks and my belly button is still the same :D
Submitted by vedranaelcicic

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and my belly button still the same ;)
Submitted by lilgirlSJ

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iam pregnant now and iam only two months and mine poped out and my doctor said eveything is nornmal and i gained 13 pounds already so it is all how you body is shaped and how much weight you can and how the baby lays on your umbilical cord just get your doctor to check and make sure evey thing is ok
Submitted by ashgirl2008691

I only gained 18 lbs with my pregnancy and my belly button never popped out I actually was able to wear my belly button ring the whole 9 mts
Submitted by pranjill05

Im 28 weeks and have only gained 12 lbs total but mine was popped out by the middle of my second trimester. I think it just depends on your body and pre pregnancy belly buttom!
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On my 4th pregnancy. I don't expect to see mine pop out as it never has yet.
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I gained 60 lbs with twins and was HUGE! I kept waiting for my belly button to pop and it never did. It got really pinched together but that was it.
Submitted by white-caron

i think it has alot to do with the shape of your belly button before you were pregnant.
Submitted by barajaskiti

I am 21 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my first baby...a couple of days ago i was accidentally hit in the stomach with a water hose...it didnt hurt or leave a mark, but i have felt the baby move like he has been...should i be worried?
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yes it wil especially on your 7th to 9th month
Submitted by timah21

it may stick out some if your belly grows really large. i'm 37 weeks though, and mine is still an INNIE :)
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