How do I help pregnancy fatigue?
I'm completely exhausted all the time now that I'm pregnant. What can I do?
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There's tired, and then there's pregnancy tired. It's normal to feel like you've got the world's worst case of jet lag when you're pregnant, especially in the first trimester. In fact, for some women, this early pregnancy fatigue is even more of an adjustment than morning sickness. Even though it's frustrating, being tired is actually a good sign, since (like nausea) it indicates that your pregnancy hormones are circulating and your body is hard at work helping your baby grow. There are many reasons why you feel tired all the time now, including:

• You're not sleeping as well these days.
• Chronic morning sickness is exhausting and makes it hard for you to eat, which is how you get re-energized.
• Increased levels of the hormone progesterone can make you extra sleepy.
• Your heart is pumping harder to accommodate an increase in blood volume.
• Sharing vital nutrients (like iron) with your baby can leave you deficient and fatigued.
• Carrying extra weight is tiring (this is mainly in the third trimester).

You should note that extreme fatigue, while common in pregnancy, is sometimes a sign of hypothyroidism, so you should mention it on your next doctor visit. But if that's ruled out, all you can really do about this fatigue is to give in to it. Rest when you need to and whittle down your to-do list so you don't get as run-down. Make an effort to turn in a half-hour or hour earlier at night so you're getting a solid eight hours of sleep -- or more if you feel you need it. Eating a low-fat diet that's high in iron and protein (if you can stomach it) may also help, as can light exercise, like taking a brisk walk when you start to feel like you'll conk out at work. Above all, be patient and take care of yourself: Your energy will most likely return in the second trimester.

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I'm so tired, but then again that doesn't even describe it. It doesn't matter how much I sleep I hit a point some times by 9am where it's so bad I think I'll fall asleep driving. I fall asleep eating sitting up and even after napping I'm still hurt tired . HELP! My boyfriend will be gone for my whole pregnancy (deployed) aand I'm trying to work and keep the house picked up but it's become impossible not to sleep ALL THE TIME.
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"You're STRONGER when you're pregnant" It's true. While it doesn't feel like it, your amazing body is doing soooo much. I think one of the best things you can do is to know "You can't do it all. And that's ok". Give yourself some grace... here is a really cool Mama Manifesto from an incredible new site. Check out the Interviews & Resources 101 section afterwards. Here it is:
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I am so tired, all of the time... i sleep from 9-6 i take a 30 minute nap on my lunch breaks (longer on the weekend) and i don't have the energy to hold my head up most days... I have had this problem since I hit about 20... around the time I got pregnant with my daughter (who will be 4 in july). and now, i'm about 3 mo along and I just don't know how I'm going to do it... i'ts like my body is shutting down completely... help....
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If its water retention your body might feel it isn't getting enough water so it wants to hold on to it. Maybe drinking more water will help. I know I go through water retention and then flushing. Also, massaging your feet and legs will help sqeeze fluid from pooling.
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If you are referring to your feet the only thing I can suggest is maybe keeping your feet up a little more often than usual it will help keep the blood from going straight to your feet. Give it a try for a while and see if it helps.
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