How often should I change my baby's diaper?

How often should diapers be changed?

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Well, poopy diapers should be changed as soon as it is clear that your baby has left you a gift. Poop can irritate the skin or worse, be a set-up for a bladder infection, particularly in baby girls. With super-absorbent diapers, it is probably okay to leave a wet diaper on for a little longer, especially if your baby is sleeping through the night; there is no need to wake up your little one to change a wet diaper. But in general, if you spot a wet or soiled diaper, it is time to change it.

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I agree about the poopy diapers, but I also think with the wet diapers, it all depends on how sensitive your child's skin is. If you find that he or she is getting rashes, consider changing diapers more and perhaps using more eco-healthy diapers. To learn more about the best green diapers available, check out BabyGearLab's comprehensive review:
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