When should I give my baby his first bath?

I am 3 months pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. When do I begin to give my baby his/her first bath? I am so excited and nervous at the same time.

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Newborns will have their very first bath shortly after birth, but if you deliver at a hospital, the nurses at the hospital will do it for you. Once you get home, sponge bathing is the way to go until your baby's umbilical cord falls off.  You can do this once every few days. When the cord falls off (at around 2-4 weeks), you can fully immerse your baby in an infant tub. It's pretty easy, and most babies love it. Just keep the soap out her eyes and you will be fine.

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Babies in hospital are not bathed until they are 1 day old in order to keep them warm. Once you are home you could bath your baby everyday if that's what you like. I would recommend not to use any soap for the first year in order to reduce any allergies and make sure you dry well the cord after the bath before it drops off. Midwife
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