When should I consider myself a mother?

I've waited a very long time for my baby and I didn't even think I could get pregnant, so it was a happy suprise.  I've been pregnant now for 15 weeks and 3 days, but I don't feel like a mother. Is this normal?  It even makes me uncomfortable when someone refers to me that way. I'm concerned that I'm not bonding with my baby properly.  When should I start feeling like I'm a mother? Is there something wrong with my thinking?

Submitted by Jessicas1st

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You are still early enough in your pregnancy, so things are only starting to feel "real." Some women feel like moms the minute the pregnancy test turns positive, while others take longer. It's not uncommon, so don't worry. As your pregnancy progresses and you're still experiencing anxiety or having uncertain thoughts about the impending motherhood, talk to your doctor or midwife about possible prenatal mood disorders. 

Answered by Parents Team
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All of my family members fel like mothers when you first feel the baby move inside you. It makes it so real that you are creating life. Congrats! :) -33weeks 3days
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