What do irregular baby kicks mean?
Some days my baby kicks all the time, other days it seems like he barely moves. What's going on?
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After about 20 weeks, you should feel your baby should move every day, but there's a wide range of how much activity is considered normal. On some days, your baby may seem like the Energizer bunny, while other times you may be less likely to notice every little kick and wriggle. But even during his downtime, your baby is probably moving more than you realize -- it just may be so subtle you're not aware of it. And many moms-to-be who work or care for other kids are so busy that they don't notice their baby's movements until they sit down to rest for a few minutes or lie down in bed at night.

If the lack of movement on your baby's quieter days leaves you feeling concerned, you can reassure yourself with this simple test: Eat a light snack and then lie on your side or sit very still for an hour. You should be able to count your baby moving or kicking between six and eight times within that period. If not, give your doctor a call.

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Answered by Parents.com Team
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I am 29 weeks, the only day my little girl is less active is Saturdays for some reason she knows its Saturday, and does not move as much. but all the other days she is non stop and I love every movement.
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I'm 31 weeks and I wish he/she stoped moving sometimes, people can see my stomach moving from across the room lol
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If you don't feel the baby move, poke your tummy hard in a few places. For me, at least, that gets a response within a few minutes - even if it's only a series of five or six kicks and then no more movements (as in, "I'm sleeping, get out of here! [waaah]"...goes back to sleep. LOL].
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This is my first pregnancy. I'm 21 weeks along. I will find out if its a girl or boy Jan 3rd. I know certain times of the day this one will move. before/during/after I eat, late mornings/early afternoon, 5-8 pm then little ripples from then on until 9:00-11:00 it's almost like an olympic athelete. Once in a while if I'm sitting down and I want "it" to move I'll drink a glass of ice cold water and when I can feel the water it my stomach and cool my core temp. down i feel movement. You try it.
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My little one moves when he/she feels like it but as long as they move I think their OK!!! So don't worry yourself about it!
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I totally now how u feel when the baby kicks like someone is doing something to her to not having her barely move, I have come to the conclusion that babies have their active days and days when they move but not so often on others its just how they are as long as I feel some movement I feel ok thanks to my doctors!
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How soon should I feel movement with twins?
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Some babies are more active than others. My cousin said her son didn't really move that much. Mine is a complete wiggle worm. I've been feeling her move since the 15th week.
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