What will it feel like when my baby kicks and moves around?

What will it feel like when my baby kicks and moves around?

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Women usually describe the first movements as “flutters,” and they can be so subtle that you might mistake them for gas bubbles. “Initially they feel like a butterfly,” says Raul Artal, M.D., chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology and women’s health at St. Louis University School of Medicine. “Later on it feels like kicking.” Between 24 and 28 weeks, the movements become strong enough that your partner may be able to feel them by placing a hand on your growing belly. Eventually, you may even see the shape of the elbow or foot that’s nudging you.

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I'm 19 weeks and everytime I eat then lay down my baby girl gets so active! It feels like a mini wave is going on.in there! And it does kinda resemble extreme gas bubble feelings lol.. She moves around like crazy when she gets food & is re adjusting herself :-)
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I am currently on my 3rd pregnancy and the best way for me to describe the movement is almost like a small muscle spasm in your lower abdomen. It feels weird and doesnt hurt... At first! But as the baby grows, the muscles get stronger and at times, it can get painful depending on what they're kicking (like the ribs)
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