How can I get my 2 year old back to sleeping in his own bed?

How can I get my 2 year old back into his own big boy bed? He always use to sleep in his own bed since he was an infant and when I went on vacation he didn't want to go back into his room and sleep in his own bed. He wants to be with me. Any suggestion to get him back into his own room, in his own bed?

Submitted by martinacurtis

Pick a night and declare that starting on Sunday or on Saint Patrick’s Day or whatever holiday is coming up he needs to sleep in his own bed.  And then stick to it.  He may protest at first – that is what he is supposed to do given that he is two – but hang in there.  Be firm and clear that he sleeps in his bed and mommy sleeps in her bed.  You can set it up that one night a week (or a month) is a special night that he gets to sleep with you (if you want that) but otherwise big boys sleep in their own bed.

Answered by Parents Team
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