Can I have caffeine while I'm pregnant?
Can I have caffeine while I'm pregnant?
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Morning latte junkies, rejoice: You don't have to completely give caffeine the boot, although you should cut back while you're expecting. Some studies have linked heavy caffeine consumption with miscarriage and birth defects, so experts say you shouldn't consume more than 300 milligrams per day. (That's equivalent to two cups of coffee or about six cans of cola or cups of tea.) With that in mind, you might want to trade your double-shot espresso for decaf coffee or tea, with only five milligrams of caffeine per cup. And keep an eye out for hidden sources of caffeine, such as coffee ice creams and yogurt, which can pack 50 to 85 milligrams per serving. --Sally Kuzemchak

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Try not to have coffee during pregnancy under any circumstances as it has a harmful effect on the placenta thereby making the process of delivery a painful phase.This piece of information also helped me when I was pregnant. Yesterday i came across a forum thread at nappytimes where they harmful effects of caffeine have been described briefly. Do go through it.
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I used to drink soda ALL the time, and when I didn't have it I would get migraines. And once I found out I was pregnant, I tried not to drink. Now, I just don't have appetite for it. And it seems when I do drink caffeinated soda I get a headache off and on all day.
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I have found some good tips in following link, It may be good for you too,
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I too used to be a heavy coffee drinker but now I have no zest for it (as well as most other foods) right now. Everything upsets my stomach.
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I was a heavy coffee drinker and suddenly since I came out pregnant I lost the appetite for coffee. Does anyone know if this is normal? If a have a couple of sips at times it makes me nauseated and want to throw up.
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I was told by my doctor that if you already drink coffee regularly that it would be a bad idea to stop, because a caffeine headache is really difficult to get rid of (he specifically said that morphine won't get rid of it). He recommended cutting back if I drink a lot, and IF I felt like I need to quit- to do so slowly. I still drink coffee, but have cut down to no more than about 2-3 cups a day.
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