Is it normal to not want sex while I'm pregnant?
Is it normal to not want sex while I'm pregnant?
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It's not just you -- this is totally common! During the first trimester, your body is hard at work, which means you may feel exhausted, nauseated, and overwhelmed -- no wonder you're not in the mood. Once you hit your second trimester, however, the nausea lifts and estrogen kicks in, which jump-starts your sex drive. And even if you're not up for intercourse, you can easily stay connected with your spouse by cuddling and kissing. --Julie Taylor

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I didn't want it at all in my first and basically through my second trimester. I am now 25 almost 26 weeks and for some reason I've been dying for some sexy time. Even if it feels a little uncomfortable at first.
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what does efacement mean?
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I was totally the opposite. I wanted sex all the time throughout my entire pregnancy. Even in my first trimester when I had all the morning sickness. This is my first child and she came early and I am really throwing myself into motherhood.
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I didn't want to be touched during my entire pregnancy BOTH time I was pregnant. I was tired and just didn't feel attractive. But after I had my girls everything came back.
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I hear all the other woman say they don't have ANY interest.I must be with some other group!I can't get enough! My libido was raging before I got pregnant(hello!I'm just turning 40 this year)now it is out of control! It wakes me up at night!I get plenty of rest, I eat right, drink lots of water, pamper myself with massages and pedicures every 10 days. I love my man and I can't get enough of him these days!!Sex actually keeps me gounded, not so many hormonal outbursts.Endorphins are key to sanity
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i real don't like it since i conceived up to date am 35 weeks and i don't feel anything of having sex but i force myself because my husband likes it.
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So my answer seems to be the only one like it. I wanted it like crazy in the first trimester (oddly enough I had nausea) and now in my second (I am 25 weeks) I would much rather sleep and relax. My other pregnancies I dont recall having any issues with sex at all, but this one my be because I am worn out after running after a two and three year old 24/7!
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I haven't wanted it at all either. I felt like I should explain to my husband that I am "afraid" to have sex because the last time we did I started bleeding and it really scared me. So I explained all this to him and he felt a little better about it. I just keep waiting to for sex drive to go up but at this point (32 weeks) I am doubting it will and I feel so horrible for him. But I am trying...just for him.
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I so agree. There are times that the thought across my mind, but when it comes down to it... I just would rather sleep. With my first daughter i couldn't get enough of it. With my 2nd daughter, I didn't want anything to do with it. With my 3rd daughter, I had too many issues. I miscarried alot before her, so i thought i would again if we did. Now I'm having my 4th daughter, and I'm just too tired, doesn't even appeal to me. Now I have 15 weeks to go... poor hubby. Good thing he is trying to understand.
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That is the last thing i am wanting these days. Every so often i suck it up and go through with it but its just for my husband, i would rather sleep!
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why is sex so uncomfortable late in pregnancy (38 weeks)?
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Omg my poor husbamd hast gotten hardly any in 9 months when it was possible now i feel so bad casue after i have our 3rd child were really not gonnna be able to do anything for well at least 6 weeks so poor man!
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I'm not the only one?! I haven't wanted sex the entire pregnancy, I have to explain to the husband that it's not him it's just not comfortable! He had the idea put in his head that ALL pregnant women want sex alot, because of guys at his work talking about their wives when they were pregnant and he comes home to me, who wants nothing to do with it. He was confused to say the least haha
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