Is it safe to have oral sex while I'm pregnant?
Is it safe to have oral sex while I'm pregnant?
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Receiving oral sex is fine if you're having a low-risk pregnancy. In fact, many women find that oral stimulation is a pleasurable alternative if intercourse seems clumsy and uncomfortable. However, you should avoid it if your husband has an open cold sore. That could be a sign that he has a type of herpes virus that could potentially be transmitted to you -- and could cause birth defects in your unborn baby. This risk is low, but to be on the safe side, talk to your doctor if you're concerned. --Julie Taylor

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reading the comments, what happens if air gets in it???
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what happens if air gets in it??
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It's fine to do. Long as no air get into the vagina!
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its fine
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i wouldnt do it
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no dont do it
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yes its safe aslong as he does not have a std or he doesnt blow into your vagina
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