How do I get my 2 year old son to not be afraid of the potty chair?

What can I do to help my 2 year old son who is ready to use the potty, but is afraid of it? I've gotten him his own potty chair but he still is afraid to sit on it without a diaper on underwear on.

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This is a common fear -- and one that can only be lessened by time, support, and space. Let your son explore the potty -- both the big one and the little one -- on his own terms, and in his own time. Eventually, he will want to "copy" the way others use the potty, and his natural desire to use the potty will kick in. 

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Here's a great article on potty fears and tips
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With my 2 yr old i had the same issue. Everytime i had to go to the bathroom i would announce it to her and go. I got her dad to praise me after i went, He would say way to go Mommy you went potty on the big potty. It wasn't long and then she wanted to get that same praise. She would say i have to go potty and run off to the bathroom. It probably ould also help if you get his dad to sit instead of stand. My daughter was confused by why her dad was standing and told him he needed to sit dow
Submitted by mushroomchick

my son was afraid to go on the potty too what i tried was giving him something safe that he doesnt usually get to play with whille hes on the potty ity helped
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