Is it normal to have bleeding during your first trimester?

I'm 6-weeks-pregnant and I've had some bleeding. Is that normal, or should I be worried?

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25% to up to 50% of all pregnancies experience some type of "bleeding" during the entire pregnancy.  First trimester bleeding tends to be the most common and does not necessarily mean there is a problem with the pregnancy.  There are many reasons why someone may experience bleeding during a pregnancy - cervical trauma from a pap smear or intercourse, implantation bleeding a few days to weeks after fetal implantation into the lining of the uterus, loss of a twin early on in pregnancy but the remaining twin survives, etc.  All bleeding, however, should be discussed with your physician so appropriate follow up can be scheduled.

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i have really bad cramp folw by littel blood, is it possibl be pregnant
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I have some spoting my period came on Nov 2 i have normal flow 5 days on the 14th day of Nov i notice some pinkish and brown like i was spotting am i about to be pregnant
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