When do pregnancy symptoms start?

I am 6 weeks pregnant and all I feel is a little tired. Is it normal to not have many symptoms this far along?

Submitted by trinity08809

Each pregnancy is different and some women never experience typical pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, constipation, and fatigue while others may experience one or several of these symptoms. You may feel differently with each pregnancy as well. Not having pregnancy symptoms is not a bad thing....you may consider yourself lucky if you are not feeling bad.

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I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I feel you on this! I've been super tired and unusually hungry but other than that just some slight cramping here and there. If I'm lucky it'll stay this way haha. Good luck future mommies!! It's my first and I couldn't be more excited!
Submitted by nichbee1103

No pregnancy is alike. With my first pregnancy I experienced extreme breast tenderness at about 4 weeks. With my second pregnancy I had no symtoms whatsoever. I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day and I was about 7/8 weeks along.
Submitted by katherine.hernandez

I am at 6 weeks 3 days and I have a few symptoms. I feel very tired, mild sickness in the morning hours, and I feel bloated at all times
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I am 1 month prego and i cant allready fit in some of my clothes and when i eat i feel like i am going to get sick i only get sick a little bit but is this all normal
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how can you find out what you having
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if u had a period one month and stayed on for 4 days but still u came on the next month too can this still be pregnancy.
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Some women experience no nausea in pregnancy. If you're one of those, good for you! My first 3 months were a procession of days spent mostly lying in bed and trudging back to the toilet bowl to vomit, sometimes when there was nothing left to throw up! After about 4 months, the nausea completely went away, and at 5 months, I'm now suffering mild acid reflux, and some hip and spinal pain at night.
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i have pregnancy symptoms like cravings n bloating
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thank you for hleping me
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should i feel like getting sick every morning
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Thanks for the advice... I should have kept my mouth shut! Turns out I wasn't as far along as I thought... Now I feel sick all the time... Morning noon and night... So next question... When will it end!!!! lol I'm 12 weeks now... I can't stand smells without almost throwing up (haven't thrown up yet) and my whole back has broken out in acne!!! I don't remember this from my first pregnancy at all...
Submitted by trinity08809

During my pregnancy with my son all I felt in the beginning was exhaustion and heart burn w/ swollen feet at the end. If I didn't have a big belly I would of never known I was pregnant :) Even my migraines went away for the duration of my pregnancy. I honestly felt better for those 9 months than I do on a regular basis. Enjoy it :)
Submitted by lbanasiak1