How can I get my 11 month old twins to sleep at night?

I have a set of twins that are 11 months. They still share a crib and will not sleep at night. One is a boy and one is a girl. How can I get them to sleep at night?

Submitted by kiarra70

As a first step, it’s likely time to separate them and have them sleep in separate cribs.  Not only will it likely help them sleep better at night, but there are safety concerns with two of them in a crib, especially as they start being able to climb.  In addition, be sure to establish healthy sleep habits, including a set bedtime, a consistent bedtime routine, and having them fall asleep on their own.

Answered by Parents Team
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I agree, put them in separate cribs! Usually having them in the same room is OK, as they seem to tune out a sibling's crying. Most of the time, at least. You might put them to bed 10-15 minutes apart so that one is asleep when the other lays down. Other than that, make sure they're well-fed, in clean diapers, warm, and cozy.
Submitted by dkoboldt