What can I do to help my baby sleep at night?

MY daughter is 3 months old. She will sleep for half an hour, then gets up crying loudly..then it will take 5-10 min to calm her down...then she will start playing...then again she will sleep for half an hour and get up crying. The whole day and night she does this same thing. What can I do to help her sleep calmly?

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Babies this age can usually sleep for longer stretches than 30 minutes, especially at night.  Be sure that your daughter has a bedtime routine and you can even be sure to start putting her down awake at bedtime, so she learns how to fall asleep on her own.  Babies who fall asleep on their own at bedtime are able to put themselves back to sleep when they naturally awaken during the night.  In addition, contact your daughter’s health care practitioner to be sure that there is nothing else that is disrupting her sleep, such as reflux. 

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Visit the Sleep, Baby, Sleep site. Tons of great articles and help http://violet-sleepbabysleep.blogspot.com
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Try running a humidifier in the bed room at night.....the white noise effect is helping my almost 4 month old sleep for long stretches also you can try swaddling baby....sometimes my son jerks and twitches while sleeping and it wakes him up
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My daughter is 14 months she did like to sleep, she stay up until 12 am, what cant do for her?
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try running shower water and holding her so she can hear it its soothing
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try running shower water and holding her so she can hear it its soothing
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As the others have said, establishing a bedtime routine and sticking to it is key. If your daughter takes 5-10 minutes to calm, it sounds like something is upsetting her. If you haven't fed her in the last hour, it's probably hunger. If you fed her recently, it could be gas or reflux. Our pediatrician suggested inclining the mattress slightly and it seemed to help.
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I hope this is helpful--I had that problem with my now 5-month old and it didn't make any sense to me, but as SOON as we got her into a bedtime routine, she really did start sleeping longer (through the night for a while, but now she wakes up once to be fed again). We always feed her dinner, then give her a bath with Johnson & Johnson bedtime bath wash and lotion. Then I rock and nurse her to sleep. Sometimes she falls asleep early and we've tried not waking her up and just putting her to bed, but we learned that on nights when she HASN'T had a bath, she wakes up crying A LOT! I dunno if it's the routine, the smell of the nighttime wash, or something about the warm water soothing her at night (or all three), but it has been a LIFESAVER since we figured it out! Hope that helps! Good luck!
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You have to figure out what works for you and your baby. What is the sleeping situation like? Do you rock her to sleep? Do you give her a binky? Is there music playing? These are all things to HELP her fall asleep but she doesnt know how to do it by herself. Make her room cozy. Once your doctor says she is able to sleep through the night, try this: Put baby to bed and if she wakes up let her cry for 15 minutes. My doctor said that before the 15 min mark hits they will put themselves to sleep. Its hard, but watch the clock!!
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my son used to do that. Our monitor has a video on it so were able to see how he was when he was crying. Most of his issues seemed to be when his binky would fall out of his mouth and he would be unable to get it back on his own. We would go in quietly, lay him back down and cover him (he ALWAYS wanted a blanket if he needed it or not), give him his binky and make sure his fisher price ocean soother was playing and just leave. We would have to do that a few times. After a few nights he evened out.
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I agree with the expert but also check the rooms tempeture or odours as this sometime can disturb babies sleep just as much. Also be aware of the volumn of noise as every baby is different is it loud, near a busy road etc your environment in which you live in sometimes effects your childs sleeping patterns.
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