How can I get my 4 month old to start sleeping in her crib?

My daughter is 4 months and she will only sleep in her swing. I have tried everything to get her to sleep in her crib. Any suggestions on what to do?

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When making major changes, such as from sleeping in a swing to sleeping in a crib, try making small changes instead.  For example, have her sleep in her swing for a few nights but do not turn on the motion.  Then start by just putting your baby in her crib at bedtime.   During the night feel free to return her to the swing if she wakes up.  Keep increasing the amount of time that she sleeps in her crib.  In addition, since the crib can feel so vast to a tiny baby, try laying her down up in a corner of the crib, so she still feels snuggled in.

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Putting my son in a zipadee-zip helped him a lot during this transition. It helped him feel secure and snuggled. Not sure if you have tried something like that.
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This article has some REALLY great tips
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A friend of mine makes handmade things for baby. You can go to and see her products. Two help baby transition. One helps baby transition from a swaddle and the other helps transition to a crib. She came up with these when she had to figure something out for her little one. Worked like a charm for her and then for me. If you go to her instagram you can see products she sells and usually get a coupon code.
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We put both of our boys in their cribs from day 1, started a routine after a while and to this day they go to bed without any fight (ages 8 & 10). We got a lot of our guidance from the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child from Marc Weissbluth. Good luck.
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Consider co-sleeping. It's more natural for a baby to be near his or her parent. Babies like swings because they remind them of being in the womb; sleeping in a separate room and crib can be scary for an infant when they just spent 9 months tucked up warm and safe inside her mommy's ever-present body.
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I started my baby in her crib since she was 1 mo old. She is my first so I got so nervous and slept on the floor in her room for 1 week straight. I recorded 1 hr long of song with my voice and turned it on. Besides that, I also got her the light thing, camera & her giraffe toy. She just held it & fell as sleep. I was more nervous than my baby because fear of SIDS & everything. Amazingly, now she HAS TO SLEEP IN HER RM
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i know alot of parents are against what im about to say but i had the same problem. and my baby was 4 months old. i was the one that took everything out of the crib for safety reasons. that didnt work at all. i had to put a soft comforter( her own crib set) nothing too big of course, on the bottom. and her big disney pillow so she was propped up. now she sleeps like a rock all through the nite. she knew my bed was soft with comforters. so i had to make hers the same. and it worked.
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I breastfed my son for the first 6 months so cosleeping was convenient for me. I tried the Ferber method and he would puke after so much crying. Once I couldn't do it anymore (he would move a lot at 10 months & I would always be cranky) I decided to put him to sleep in his crib one night by putting my bed right right next to the crib. When he would wake up in the middle of the night, I would just pat him so he knew I was right next to him. For his naps same thing. Eventually he got the point
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Our son would not sleep in his crib from birth to just recently at 10 months old. We tried everything. Inclining mattress, vibrations, Baby Einstein musical tv, noise light that changes colors when he is heard, foot piano(we tried to make it fun because he acted like it was torture). We even went the extra step, lightly heat a bag of dry rice in a sock that smells like you. Just finally at 10 months he got it. A baby will do it when he is ready. Just if you cosleep = use a bedrail & no blankets.
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I have a friend that has the same problem with her 3 mo old son. Her doctor said that the reason is the baby likes motion & to purchase a device that attaches to the crib/mattress that vibrates. We looked for them at babies r us but they didn't carry it. So I believe she was able to find one online. Also if you have a pack n play you could possibly have her sleep in that with the vibrating on to help her transition to her crib. That is how I transitioned my 5 mo old son. Best wishes.
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The only thing i can think to do is when you put her down for a nap, put her in her crib, not anywhere else, she will slowly realize that the crib is the place for sleepy time, not her swing or bouncer... My friend had the same problem with her daughter, she refused to sleep in the bassinet, even though she was too big for the bouncer... I hope this helps, good luck.
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what did with my son i waited until he was sleeping soundly and gently moved him into his crib,and i also tried sitting in the rocking chair gently rocking him until he went to sleep then put him in his crib. good luck.
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