How can I help my son learn to share?

My son doesn't share anything and wants everything for himself. Please help!!

Submitted by sardinas.sells

For responsible parents of toddlers, their child's inability to share can be at best frustrating and at worst, embarrassing.  Having said that, children your son's age are still typically pretty self centered when it comes to play time, and it make take him up to another couple years to really learn to share.  As long as he seems to be developing normally, meeting typical milestones and otherwise functioning normally socially, the best advice is to stick with it!  Over time he will learn.  At times you may have to take items from him and allow other kids to play with them in order to show him how important it is to you, but aside from that, it sounds like you are on the right track.  Keep at it!

Answered by jeffparents
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Submitted by ejugaadi

This is a very common issue with most of us I guess. My little one would never share her stuff with absolutely anyone. We tried talking to her, at times had to intervene to make her share with other kids, but nothing helped. It used to even get embarrassing at times when we were out with family or friends and she would be have selfishly. But fortunately once she started preschool, this changed gradually. She wont give her things easily but atleast wont throw tantrums now.
Submitted by margaritadrake

Depending on the childs age, it is also important to give them an opportunity to share with others, this will help to strangthen and enrich their social growth with others. 3-5 yrs old need many opportunities to engage in sharing situation, ie tabel set up with 2-4 children enjoying the same activity with parent/teacher involvement shareing simalar tools with lots of verbal communication. Always use any situation to express sharing and how happy it makes everyone feel... Signed Happy Teacher Lisa Haley,E.C.E
Submitted by lrubyhaley