"Best Dad" Contest

We're looking for the Best Dad Ever! Is he in your family? Send us 200 words on why your husband or partner fits this description. We'll pick three winners, and each one will receive a gift certificate from a major retailer worth hundreds of dollars. Send your essay and a picture of Dad -- with baby, babies, kid, or kids -- by February 15, 2008, to Best Dad Ever, American Baby, 375 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY, 10017. (If you write it, make sure we can read it.) Or e-mail both the essay and photo to us.

This contest is closed.

Think your guy's not only the best dad, but also the cutest? Show us your cute dad pics (with baby, of course!) now. Just upload your pics in the Babies or Toddlers areas of our "Show Us Your..." Photo Galleries.

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