Meet the 2011 American Baby Cover Contest Winner!

Read about the excitement from the day you enter the American Baby cover contest to finding out you're the winner.
Sienna Greer, American Baby 2011 Cover Contest Winner

Shannon Greer

April Schneider got the mother of all Mother's Day gifts when her daughter, Sienna, won American Baby's 2011 cover contest. We chatted with the Los Angeles mom about entering the contest and what it feels like to win.

American Baby: Why did you decide to enter the contest?

April Schneider: I thought it would be a neat keepsake if she did actually make it on the cover. But I didn't think she had a chance! I kept telling myself, "Don't get too excited. There are so many other beautiful babies out there."

American Baby: And then you were chosen to be one of the five finalists!

April Schneider: Yes, but even when I was at the shoot and saw the other kids I thought, "Oh my gosh! How are they going to decide?"

American Baby: What was your first thought when you found out you'd won?

April Schneider: I wanted to tell everybody! And then I envisioned pointing out the magazine to Sienna and asking her who it was on the cover. And she'll say, "Senna" (her pronunciation of her name) with a big smile on her face and it'll melt my heart!

American Baby: So do you think Sienna will be excited?

April Schneider: She won't know what's going on! But growing up she'll always know it's her on the cover. When I look at my own baby pictures I'm always touched, so I know she'll be touched and excited as she gets older.

American Baby: What was your favorite part of the trip to New York for the American Baby cover shoot?

April Schneider: Having that weekend as a family. My husband came too, so it was the three of us. My husband and I are working parents and we don't take many vacations. It was a treat for us.

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