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How can I get my toddler to stop throwing food, toys, etc?

Please help!

Submitted by slrchild2177477

The Jerry Springer toddler: Make it short and sweet: "No... hitting/biting/throwing. Time out." Safety related offenses always deserve a time out. Toddlers often use their bodies instead of words to express themselves, because they have very few vocabulary words!


The John Belushi Toddler (food throwing). When a child throws his food instead of eating it, it means he is not really hungry and looking more for entertainment. So, say: "You are showing me you are done eating." Then excuse him from the table. You'd get tossed out of Chili's if you threw your food, right?


I am all about natural consequences, and being consistent. If you follow through every time, kids will get it and stop doing it.


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