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Why is my 2-year old deliberately gagging herself?

My 2 yr. old has started gagging herself with her fingers. She typically does this following meals and it has resulted a few times in her vomiting. How can I get her to stop and why might she be doing this?
Submitted by nenasboys6

This is a fairly common thing that falls under the category of "annoying toddler behaviors." As long as her pediatrician says there's no medical problem, you can assume she's simply exploring all the weird and wonderful things that our bodies can do. Putting a lot of attention on the gagging is actually likely to make it INCREASE, so I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. If she barfs, calmly clean her up, saying "Oh, you stuck your fingers in your mouth and you barfed. Let's clean you up." She won't like the taste of it, and that should dissuade her from doing it too often. Of course if it's frequent or severe, or if she doesn't lose interest in the gagging after a few weeks, I suggest you go back to your pediatrician to make sure there's not more to it.

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It may have been my two year old son doing this as exploration and "annoying" behavior, but as a first time mom, I was concerned and paid him lots of attention when he did this. Then, he gagged himself and vomited when I would tell him no or when it was time for bed. I started ignoring the behavior and just cleaning him up and telling him firmly that mommy was disappointed that he just made himself throw up. It has taken time and lots of work (and changes of clothes) but he rarely does it now.
Submitted by Smward09
HA HA! "annoying toddler behavior." Take heart! My son is now 4 and still tries it every now and then! (Somebody let me know if they find the cure)
Submitted by donna18281
My daughter did this also before she turned 2, the more we focused on it the more she did it. She stopped for a short time but has since started doing again. I calmly explain that its not ladylike and that she may make herself throw up, knowing that she may puke usually halts her behavior for a few days. unfortunately, it is an annoying toddler behavior!
Submitted by kalidog6969