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How can I take care of my child's earwax buildup?

My toddler gets a lot of earwax buildup. How can I keep it under control?
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Earwax actually helps protect the ear canal, and there's usually no reason for you to get rid of it. Some kids just produce more of it than others, but having excess earwax isn't a problem, and even your doctor will likely tend to leave it alone unless it's blocking her view of your child's ears during an exam. Usually the water that gets into a child's ears naturally during a bath is enough to soften the earwax and help it come out on its own. If this doesn't help, ask your doctor about giving your daughter over-the-counter softening drops (called Debrox) before her checkups, which can make the wax removal quicker and less traumatic.

Remember, you should never put anything into your daughter's ears to remove the wax yourself (no matter how many times you've watched your pediatrician do it). Digging around with a cotton swab can actually push the earwax deeper into her ear and cause it to become impacted (which usually requires irrigation and a syringe to remove) or can even puncture the eardrum.

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I use 50% warm water and 50% peroxide with a dropper in while my daughter is in the bath. That helps her. Her pediatriacian told us to do this.
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