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When should I stop giving my toddler a bottle?

Please let me know!
Submitted by jess16310

Thanks for sending in your question. My advice: stop cold turkey at one year of age. Your toddler should have the ability to drink from a cup or at least a straw at that point and milk (which replaces formula at a year) is more of a nutritional beverage than sustenance. That said, your toddler doesn't need to chug down an 8 oz bottle of any liquid and thus, there is no need for a bottle.

The concern about bottles after a year of age are that they perpetuate the oral fix that kids get from sucking--which is really unnecessary for at toddler who has many more strategies to calm down. And, the contents of the liquid in the bottle (usually milk or juice...which both contain sugar), which goes right behind the top teeth can lead to tooth decay. Dentists are not fans of either bottles or sippy cups for that reason. (Technically, water in a bottle or sippy cup is fine, but that's it).

Your toddler is resilient. Out of sight, means out of mind. He will move on faster than you think.

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my daughter is 18 months and we still give a bottle before her nap and bedtime. we slowly dropped one bottle at a time before that and she never seemed to miss it. the dr reccomended to wean her by 2 years. the rest of the time she drinks from a cup.
Submitted by flutterby1981
I agree with Dr. Ari Brown. I have seven chilren and one on the way. The suggestions she has mentioned are completely on target. Remember for the parent and care takers as well... "Out of sight, out of mind" for us as well. Get rid of ALL the bottles out of the house, so that you as the adult will not be tempted!!!
Submitted by corrinahope